Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Chetan Bhagat Song

Woke up
From my deep slumber
Lot of time had gone down under
What did I do
I had to wonder
So sat in a corner
And began to ponder
Realized the 3 mistakes of my life
Ended up a Five Point Someone
A girl from the 2 states
Walking towards becoming the Half Girlfriend

Got shocked
Opened my eyes
How did all this
Time just pass by?
This is not what
I had to become
Is this for real
Or are there lies to come
Wanted to be What Young India Wants
Ending up a Five Point Someone
Coming from 2 States
Needing a Revolution 2020

Started looking around
Was this a dream that am about to enter
Was it an inception
To one night at the call center
Met the moment that had changed my life
Couldn’t change it as I stood with my past

But then I heard a loud applaud
Was standing in the middle of a cinema hall
Understood that life is same for all
Found that emptiness is the best of all.

A Five Point Someone
A Girl from 2 States
Went to live the story always told
In the territory unknown.

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