Friday, February 10, 2012

Thats How Much I Love You

U came along n d life felt great
U looked at me n u wrote down my fate
U said that u love me, I got a smile on my face
U always held me n went on d days

I can never do things lik u do
I can never speak my heart that u knew
While tryina catch all i jus blew
The things apart

But I just love u like d earth n d stars
Never do they meet but they don fall apart
N d horizon they kiss n speak up their hearts
Thats how much I love u......

V took d wrong turn n went on far
V gave in 2 nonsense n gave us a scar
V said things in anger n v went afar
V lost what v had n tore us apart

I can never b lik u
I do the nonsense at times its cute
I did the mistakes urs wer few
If u wana count

But I just love u like d land n ocean
Each cant live without others existence
N holds one another n cant leave each other
Thats how much I love u......

Even if u r angry pour it on me
Beat me hollow but do touch me
Pass an angry look but do look at me
M happy with that too.....
Hope u love me like I do
U may say that I m a fool
But something says that u love me too
N I feel its true......

I love u from here 2 there
How far ever ur eyes can stare
From the lil tears n d smiles that I share
With u
Thats how much I love u.....


  1. there s def a change n ur writin....few lines rele hd indepth meanin....
    sooper wrk jolly :)

  2. thank u so much guys!!!! :) :) wil keep imprving.....