Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh! I Realise!!!!

When i yelled

I thought its well

Thought its smart

To get things done easily like eating a tart

I thought anger is good

Its frustrations food

While enjoying it

I never realised that it led me 2 deep dark woods


Now suddenly m lost

With nobody around

With no one to hold my hands

I fell on d ground

Pride led to fall

N silly me who thought

Tantrums make people stand tall

But now when m alone

As i threw everybody n al r gone

I see my mistakes

Oh! I realise

Such a fool i had been

Now even my shadow can’t be seen

I dug my own grave

Now i want to get out of this quick sand

That’s all that i crave

Oh! I Realise

N m sorry

Looking for forgiveness

Looking for a chance

Looking for the things that i threw afar

Oh! I realise


The day when u left

I was torn apart

I was shattered

Dint know where to start

I was bewildered

Dint know what was i doing

But it’s no excuse

Coz i never asked before going

But without u in my surrounding

My heart s pounding

Its again out of order

Searching for its borders

Just like a fish out of water

Oh! I realise

Such a fool i had been

If i had kept shut

I cud have stopped it from being

Oh! I realise

N m sorry

Trying to get out f d grave

Need to be brave

Coz it’s us i want to save

Oh! I realise


Looking for 1 last chance

2 change myself for good

Please come back

I promise i‘l do what i should

Just one more chance

To show u what i realised

That life s worthless without people

So i shouldn’t burn their heart

I realise how important it’s to fake out

So that people don’t make out

N decide the day of our black out

I realise how important it’s to be silent

That’s the actual sign of being valiant

N not to crush people like an ant

I realise how important it’s to smile

Taking people along to enjoy one more mile

I realise how important is to save my name

In this world we are here to make people happy

Thats the simple game


Oh! I realise

The worth of one more chance

The worth of one loving glance

The worth of holding hands

N the worth of folding arms

Oh! I realise

Oh! I realise

Oh! I realise


Happy Realisation!!

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